Mz Archive
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MZ Archive was developed from my great love for the original Vintage M65 US military field jackets which I have been collecting and personalizing for years. An icon garment in textile fashion design.


Created in natural evolution to the preceding M41-43-51, the M65 has always been a source of inspiration for all sportswear, and despite the endless copies, some of which are better than others, the original Made in US original Vintage remains absolutely unbeatable.
Through an operation of research, recouping, personalization and enhancement, I wanted to give shape to my philosophy: objects have a value that is related to their history, the history which they create and what they express today.
I have thought up each garment as a work of art: unique and without compare.
An object which when you wear it, or simply look at it, makes you proud to own it.


Marco Zambaldo